The Gluten Free Experience

03 May, 2017


I went Gluten Free nearly three years ago. At that time I was three stone overweight and I was experiencing urgency to go to the toilet. This is no fun when you are out on the road for a living. Have you any idea how few public toilets there are now?

It was the urgency issue that prompted me to have an intolerance test done. Secretly I had suspected it might be gluten for a while but that was an inconvenient truth I did not want to face.

The test revealed I had problems with wheat, rye, barley, spelt, chocolate and sugar. There were a couple of other foods but these were the key players. You can read my sugar story in the blog Giving Up Sugar

Giving up gluten wasn’t that bad. I am able to eat oatcakes so I admit for the first year I lived on oatcakes as a substitute for bread. I just didn’t have time to research recipes or experiment so I went with the easy option. Now I have expanded my repertoire and have a number of brands and recipes I love. For example I love The Foods of Athenry multiseed crackers and the Easy Bean yummy buttermilk crackers that we sell.


How did it feel to give up Gluten?

In the first week I felt lighter internally. I didn’t feel all gummed up and heavy anymore. Best of all within the week my urgency problem disappeared.

Slowly but surely I began to lose weight. It was good weight loss, a lb or two a week. It was quite consistent and a real bonus. Weight loss wasn’t a motivation for going gluten free. I was overweight with an underactive thyroid and I had resigned myself to being overweight. It was a real joy to start losing weight.

Another unexpected benefit was the return of my energy. I was aware that I had so much more energy and enthusiasm. It was great. No more sluggish days and lethargy.

As time went on I also realised that I was clearer in my mind. I didn’t feel stuck anymore. I felt able to be honest with myself and others. Partly as a result of this I made some big changes in my life. I am now on my true path and it feels amazing.

I mentioned skin issues in the other blog about gluten. One day I looked in the mirror and noticed that some sun damage on my face had faded significantly. These marks were at one time quite pronounced now I struggle to find them.

As time went on I realised I was steadily losing more and more weight and I wasn’t dieting I had simply changed what I ate to gluten free

It is an adjustment in your diet and you may trip up along the way. I had several occasions through tiredness where I accidentally picked up a food containing gluten but my body soon let me know! Plus you become much more label aware which in itself is no bad thing.

Gluten Free is not that difficult; people think you have so many restrictions as to what you can eat. In fact, you can eat all the same types of foods. You simply need to switch to gluten free options.

I don’t promise you will like all of them but we are all different and you will find products and recipes you love. These days my friends often prefer the gluten free option to the “normal” one!

You do need to know the sneaky places where gluten may be found. For example

Sauces like mayonnaise or salad cream

Soy Sauce – use Tamari instead

Gravy and stock cubes

Baking powder

There are more so please be careful! Get our free gluten free foods list which will give much more information.

Overall I feel healthier, more energetic I have lost weight and I feel cleaner and lighter inside. 

I can only encourage you to give it a try. It was a health revolution for me and one that I am happy to continue.


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