The wonders of barleygrass or is it barley grass?
21 August, 2015
What is barley grass powder?
Barley grass refers to the young leaves of the barley plant, Hordeum vulgare.  At this stage of its development (the jointing stage), the plant is at its most nutrient-rich.  Barley grass powder is made from the juice of harvested barley grass.
When was barley grass discovered?
Barley was one of the earliest cereal grains to be cultivated as far back as 7000 BC in Mesopotamia.  It has played an important part in human nutrition and medicine for thousands of years.  In 1969, the Japanese pharmacologist Dr Yoshihide Hagiwara developed a food supplement from powdered barley grass juice called ‘Green Magma’.  After researching the nutrient composition of two hundred chlorophyll-containing plants, he concluded that barley grass was the best source of nutrients of any natural food.
Why use barley grass powder?
Barley grass is full of vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and chlorophyll.  Being rich in antioxidants it protects the body’s cells from oxidative stress.  It is also an alkalising food which helps to keep the body’s acid-alkaline balance in check.  Barley grass has been shown to stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut, helping to improve digestion.  It may also help in the treatment of arthritis as its high organic sodium content helps dissolve calcium deposits on joints.
Safety issues around barley grass powder
People with coeliac disease or sensitivity toward barley are advised to avoid barley grass.
Barley grass powder products at Shipley Health Store
At Shipley Health Store, 38 Westgate, Shipley, you can find a variety of barley grass powder products including: Naturya Barleygrass Powder, Dru Natural Foods Barley Grass, Nua Naturals Organic Barleygrass Powder with Probiotics and High Elements Organic High Potency Barley Grass.


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