'Tis the season to be jolly

21 December, 2018

Yes, it’s that time of year again celebrations and festivities and why not?

It’s time to indulge ourselves and enjoy the things we want to!

As you know we normally talk prevention but today we are talking survival tactics.

There a number of hurdles you may have to climb…

  • It could be a hangover
  • Your digestion could struggle
  • Sleep may elude you
  • Stress could have you wound up and frazzled

Your Christmas Survival Kit

The Big Meal

  • I heard a TV programme citing that we eat 6000 calories in the one meal and that it would take a walk of 60 miles to walk it off. I am not proposing a grand hike but getting out and active during the festive break will help you.
  • Eat slowly – it’s not a race and you can be sure there will be plenty left. Savour each mouthful, this is a treat after all.
  • My survival tactic is to split my festive food into more manageable portions. I eat a yummy brunch mid-morning then a main course mid-afternoon and I have my Christmas pudding and cream – Irish of course, in the evening. It works for me, I get to enjoy each course without filling overfull and I eat everything I want. WIN WIN!
  • Enjoying your favourite tipples is a must over the holidays. Try and alternate each glass with some water to reduce the hangover impact.
  • If big meals are not your thing then use a smaller plate, you get a taste of everything and indulge yourself without bursting out of your clothes!
  • Wear loose comfortable clothes so your tummy can relax and not be restricted!
  • If you are sick of the same old meal each year why not let everyone eat what they want? They have to be responsible for their own food but it really takes the pressure off.


  • We talked about the liver earlier this week so remember stay hydrated all of the time. My best defence is to drink a pint of water before a night on the fizz/beer/whatever your fancy. Then when I am finished I drink another pint before bed. I continue this regime until my system is back on track.
  • Nux Vomica is an amazing homeopathic remedy and it can make all the difference to your recovery. Nux has the additional benefit of being a real support to your digestive system too. A number of my friends stock up before Christmas!
  • Grapefruit oil is a lovely treat to massage on your temple the morning after the night before. I have seen it restore a very fragile man who had a very heavy night. He stayed on his exhibition stand all day; he smiled and made sales too!
  • Coconut water is very effective at rehydrating you. After a heavy night I felt restored within 15 minutes!


  • Why not take some digestive enzymes before the meal? We have a great selection including Viridian’s Digestive Elixir which you take before your meal to stimulate your digestion. As you eat the elixir helps you to achieve optimum digestion.
    • Solaray offer you Peaceful Digestion which does as it says and gives you a calm and peaceful digestive system. A.Vogel offer you Molkosan made from fruit sources, whichever product you choose will ease your stomach.
  • Peppermint oil is another solution. Put one drop of oil in a small glass of water and knock it back. It helps with grumbly tummies and wind.
  • Aloe Vera Juice is another way of soothing your gut; take a capful before your meals during the festive season. If anyone is prone to the unpleasant side effects of wind in your family ensure you dose them up. A far sweeter day for everyone.
  • Sometimes we go too far, our stomachs rebel and we are sick. This is my least favourite illness. We lose a lot of fluid and tissue salts during sickness and diarrhoea attacks. China is the homeopathic version of tissue salts. Take four times a day until you feel better.
  • Ginger is a great soother for nausea. Try one of our teas or some of our ginger sweets. Ginger biscuits are another alternative to try.
  • If constipation is the issue A.Vogel’s Linoforce is extremely effective and gets you back on track fast.


  • We have written on sleep on a number of occasions. A full tummy does not induce good sleep, so try and ensure you eat several hours before you want to sleep.
  • It is worth taking a turn round the block or ideally getting out for a proper walk. Just don’t rush out straight after a heavy meal!
  • If alcohol is the source of your poor sleep diluting its impact with plenty of water is one of the most effective solutions.
  • Drink chamomile tea in the evening. It is calming after a busy day and will help you sleep.
  • Have a stock of your favourite sleep remedy - options include A.Vogel’s Dormeasan, Good Night and Melissa Dream.
  • Pop some lavender oil on a tissue inside your pillow and have a few drops in a pre-sleep bath. Bliss!


Although celebrations are fun they take a lot of work and co-ordination. We can spend a huge sum of money trying to have the best season possible. This can induce stress and worry.

Make sure you have your favourite stress solutions I recommend:

  • A.Vogel’s stress relief.
  • My favourite supplement combination is B Complex and Magnesium. This is a sure fire winner against ongoing stress.
  • If you are really feeling it consider some Adrenal support to get you through the season.
  • If you dread the family conflicts/meeting of new people etc. Arg Nit is such a great homeopathic remedy for when you anticipate issues and become anxious about them.

On a more practical level:

  • Why not delegate and ensure the burden of cooking, shopping and decorating is split between you rather than left to just one person?
  • Presents can put a real strain on your finances there are so many options to make life easier:
  • Donate to charity instead.
    • Ask everyone to set a spending limit – people have to get so much more creative when the money is limited!
    • Offer a no cost present that means something like a voucher for babysitting/dog walking/cooking a meal/doing some shopping – you get the idea.
    • Make your presents! Some of my most popular gifts have been personalised perfume oils, favourite biscuits, jams or even damson gin! This also gives you the chance to use natural products and reduce the load for landfill.

We hope we have given you some useful tips to have a thoroughly wonderful indulgent and fabulous festive season. We look forward to sharing more me information with you to keep you healthy into 2019!

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