The Beginners Guide to Tissue Salts
15 March, 2017



The Beginners Guide to Tissue Salts

Tissue Salts are a great addition to your home first aid kit. Anyone from babies to grandparents, pregnant mums and stressed out dads can use tissue salts

Tissue Salts are inorganic minerals the body does not produce itself. There are many reasons that we lose minerals and these include:

  • Stress
  • Exercise
  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Poor diet
  • Illness

Wilhelm Schuessler worked alongside Homeopaths of his day.  Schuessler connected a deficiency of these minerals with certain conditions. It was his belief that by using particular tissue salts body imbalances could be corrected.

The Key Tissue Salts and their suggested uses are:

1.   CALC FLUOR – Circulation, varicose veins and piles
2.   CALC PHOS – Indigestion, teething pains and chilblains
3.   CALC SULPH – Acne
4.   FERR PHOS – Fever and inflammation
5.   KALI MUR – Coughs and colds
6.   KALI PHOS – Stress and nervous exhaustion
7.   KALI SULPH – Catarrh
8.   MAG PHOS – Cramp and neuralgia
9.   NAT MUR – Colds, loss of smell or taste
10. NAT PHOS – Gastric disorders and heartburn
11. NAT SULPH – Flu and biliousness
12. SILICA – Brittle nails and skin complaints

There are also combination salts please see our list for more details. If you have any doubt about your condition you should always consult a Doctor.

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