Tissue Salts – single use

05 April, 2019

Earlier this week we introduced you to the tissue salts. Here is a quick refresher:

Tissue Salts are also known as biochemical or cell salts. They are the minerals found in soil and rocks, the inorganic materials that are necessary to the healthy functioning of our bodies.

The discovery of tissue salts is strongly connected with Homeopathy. Indeed, Dr Wilhelm Schuessler was a student of Samuel Hahnemann who is considered to be the founder of Homeopathy.

Schuesslers research established that each cell in our bodies contains 12 key minerals. These substances are the tissue salts and they are essential to a healthy body. Schuessler identified these nutrients had the ability to restore balance to the cells of the body when they are imbalanced or nutrient deficient.

A tissue salt is an essential salt for the body. They are regarded as building blocks for the body without which the body would fall into imbalance and therefore be more susceptible to disease and distress. It is thanks to Schuesslers research that we understand the importance of tissue salts. He determined that illness occurred when our cells did not have the correct nutrition. Impoverished cells then became vulnerable to illness.

Today we are going to look at the individual tissue salts.

As we revealed earlier this week the salts are come in groups, the first group is calcium salts.


  • Body affinities – Veins, Teeth, Glands – thyroid, Throat – larynx, Elastic fibres, Bones and left side.
  • Conditions it can help – straining and overstretching of ligaments, muscles and joints so particularly important for athletes.
  • Hardening of glands, ligaments, muscles, and tumours.
  • Teeth with poor enamel and premature caries.
  • Varicose veins and piles as it supports our circulation and helps recover elasticity of tissues.


  • Body affinities – Nutrition, bones, cartilage, glands and abdomen.
  • Conditions that it can help – teeth that are slow to develop, slow repair of bones, growing pains, rheumatic conditions, digestive upset due to eating fruit.


  • Body affinities – connective tissue, glands, skin, bone and mucous membranes.
  • Conditions that it can help – skin that won’t heal, abscesses – thick yellow pus, boils – look for the broken abscess or boil which is releasing pus, eczema that has yellowish scales and is oozing.

Next we have the potassium salts


  • Body affinities – throats Eustachian tubes, middle ear, mucous glands, joints, muscles and shoulder.
  • Conditions that it can help – white sticky thick slimy secretions from ear, eye, nose tongue, cough, dandruff or vagina, diarrhoea after fat food, deafness and glue ear, tonsillitis where patient needs to twist their neck to swallow. Secretions will be tough sticky and white. You can see why it helps with colds and coughs!


  • Body affinities – nerves – brain and spinal cord, skin, excretions.
  • Conditions that it can help – Exhaustion – a typical use would be parents after the birth of a child not getting any sleep and who fall into a space of nervous exhaustion, Overwork – where the patient has pushed beyond their limits and becomes prostrate at the thought of the slightest effort. Easy way to recognise the need for this remedy is patient will perspire and sweat smells like onions.


  • Body affinities – Skin, glands and respiratory organs.
  • Conditions it can help – those affected by warm air it makes them lazy and tired, anyone with lots of yellow discharge – look for a yellow coated tongue, some patients get very anxious in the evening and angry if they are not taken seriously. Good remedy for catarrh.

The next three salts are sodium based.

7. NAT MUR –

  • Body affinities – Digestion, heart, skin, glands mucous, spleen, liver, brain, blood and muscles.
  • Conditions it can help – this is such an important remedy that the majority of the UK population would benefit from taking it. Patients are very sensitive their mantra is “Not to hurt or not to be hurt” sometimes this changes to “to hurt and not to be hurt” This happens when a patient lashes out having been hurt by someone close to them. It is of course a great remedy for heartbreak.
  • Nat Mur is very important for maintaining correct fluid levels in the body so if you are experiencing dryness of skin, eyes, nose, ears, and vagina then think Nat Mur. Headaches often respond well to this remedy.


  • Body affinities – Nerves, stomach, mucous membranes, intestines, bile ducts.
  • Conditions it can help – sour acidity, headache during a thunderstorm, deep yellow discharges, and excess stiffness after moderate exercise due to too much lactic acid in muscles.


  • Body affinities – head, glands – liver, bile pancreas, intestines, and chest.
  • Conditions it can help – This remedy is particularly effective where there has been an injury to the head – even a long time after the injury. It is always the first remedy to consider in this situation. If you experience a grumbly tummy and then urgency of spluttering stool in the morning after rising use this remedy! It is a big help to those who have rattling asthma as a result of a damp environment.

10. SILICA –

  • Body affinities – skin, nerves, glands, bones, cartilage, mucous membranes.
  • Conditions where it can help -Where someone is experiencing weak nails or bones this remedy should also be considered. I have used it so many times to address brittle nails and other skin issues. Other conditions that Silica deals with are regular infections such as colds, sinusitis, boils, styes, fungal symptoms or tonsillitis.


  • Body affinities- blood, circulation, heart, brain vasomotor nerves mucous membranes.
  • Conditions where it can help – this remedy is a gentle support for those suffering from anaemia, the low dose taken regularly allows the body to absorb gently but regularly. This remedy is also useful for soreness and bleeding after an operation. Early stages of illness where there are no particular symptoms.

12. MAG PHOS –

  • Body affinities – nerves and muscles.
  • Conditions where it can help – Magnesium is an amazing mineral and is incredibly supportive for those suffering from cramp and nerve pains. Cramping, shooting and constricting pains are all helped by Mag Phos. Those needing Mag Phos are often restless and unable to settle as their muscles are cramping or stiff and causing them discomfort.

The tissue salts can play an important role in your health and we hope now you understand the individual salts you will take advantage of these valuable substances.

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