Top 10 tips to deal with Anxiety and Change

10 August, 2017

We are living through many changes in our society and environment at this time. The last couple of years have turned our worlds upside down. 

Many of us struggle with uncertainty and this is what we are getting in spades at the moment! We love the illusion that we are in control.

When we feel out of control we start to feel stress, anxiety and fear. This in turn affects our health. The vicious cycle begins and our stress, anxiety or fears begin to work on our bodies weaknesses.

We thought we could help by giving you key pointers to help you maintain your health. Our argument being if you are healthy you are far more able to cope with what the world throws in your direction than if you are unwell.

Our top 10 tips to prevent anxiety, stress and fear

Your first and foremost way of dealing with anxiety is to have a healthy diet. Much like a computer if you put junk in you get junk out! Fill your plate with fresh vegetables, good protein and leave the sugar and junk in the shops! The junk and sugar will just exaggerate your highs and lows.

Your second defence against anxiety is sleep, when we are anxious our sleep is often affected. A lack of sleep is tortuous to me and most people. Insomnia leaves us unable to make good decisions so make sure you address it quickly please see our blog on sleep for more information

The third way to help deal with anxiety and stress is look after your adrenals. Our adrenals work overtime when we are anxious, make sure you don’t let them get exhausted. Take an adrenal support product such as Lamberts Multi-Guard ADR

Tackling fear comes fourth on the list. Sometimes we can become overwhelmed by our fear. A great homeopathic remedy to tackle this is Aconite.

If you are not yet fearful but very anxious and anticipating every kind of problem then you need to address this. At this point our minds are working overtime. Deal with this anticipatory anxiety with Arg Nit a favourite homeopathic remedy of mine; it works beautifully in so many situations like driving tests or flying so give it a try!

Sometimes we need extra help from a formula so we have suggested a number of different combinations that can help you deal with stress and anxiety.

These are some of our favourite stress relief combinations. We have listed a few because sometimes we have to experiment to find the right formula for us, what works for our friends may not work for us.

Vogel’s stress relief tackles the problem with valerian and hops to relax you.

Viridian use Rhodiola as a stress relief product

Another option to consider is Jan de Vries Emergency essence. This is a flower essence formula that is ideal for that unexpected moment that causes worry or panic.

My personal favourite combination to tackle stress is B complex and Magnesium, the B vitamins work on your nerves and magnesium helps you to relax – a winning formula for me!

Stress and anxiety express themselves differently for each person.  When we feel anxious our confidence can take a hit and we need a boost.  If you feel this is what has happened to you then try the confidence essence from Jan de Vries.  This is a liquid flower essence that can be used as needed during the day.

We can’t exclude common sense from the list! So we have to ask “can you change the situation?” If not, then find a way to live with it or remove yourself from it as soon as you can.

Often with stress and anxiety it becomes so overwhelming we cannot see the wood for the trees. Taking a break and not continuing to focus on your stress really helps too. A break could be a walk in the park, a holiday or visiting friends for a chat. This is a great way to get things into perspective.

Finally, coming in at number ten just remember “Everything passes”. Whatever you are going through will eventually end, our world is not static, it is constantly evolving so take a deep breath and relax :-)





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