Top Benefits of Eating Fruit and Vegetables

29 June, 2017

We talk about healthy diets in every article we write and the fact that a key element of your diet should be fruit and vegetables.

There is constant discussion about how many should be eaten a day and wide variations between countries in terms of recommended amounts. The UK is currently at 5 a day and at the opposite end of the scale Japanese people are reported to eat up to 17 a day. See our blog on Japanese food.

There is some consensus that 5 a day probably isn’t enough; consider that the Victorians ate 10 a day!  Sadly, many people still don’t get to 5 a day so imagining eating more seems impossible.

Our aim today is to show you why eating more fruit and veg are good for you and how easy it is to do.

The benefits of more fruit and vegetables

  • Plate appeal. Put some pasta, rice, quinoa, fish or meat on a plate without vegetables – do you want to eat it? Now add some vegetables; Your plate is transformed and much more appealing
  • Dietary Fibre. Vegetables and Fruit provide essential fibre to our diets. This enables our gut to work in an efficient and healthy manner. Good gut health is vital to overall health
  • Weight Control. There are no or few calories in fruit and veg. You won’t put on weight eating a plateful!
  • NO Cholesterol
  • Vitamins and Minerals. Fruit and veg are excellent sources of vital nutrients.
  • Appetite Control. The fibre content not only helps your gut work well but it keeps you feeling fuller longer.
  • What other foods give you so many textures; from leafy soft, crunchy squashy or hard skinned?
  • How many taste sensations do you want? You can have bitter to sweet or mild to peppery flavours
  • Like colour? You can have a rainbow of colour on your plate
  • You could eat several different vegetables each day of the week and not repeat yourself for a long time
  • They are great snacks. Who doesn’t love some veggies with hummus as an easy snack?
  • The different colours provide all the important antioxidants you need to help you stay healthy and strong
  • Association with disease prevention. When do you see vegetables associated with a disease?
  • Nutrient rich so you get maximum benefit to your health
  • Contain water to help you flush out toxins
  • You don’t even have to cook them, most are delicious raw and this means you retain the maximum amount of nutrients
  • Great for bulking up a juice or smoothie. Ideal for getting veggies into reluctant children J
  • Grow your own and get the relaxation of being in the garden, having home grown food readily available and the pleasure of making your own food
  • Your kids will love to learn about veggies by having their own veggie plot
  • They can be chemical free and don’t involve killing any animals to give you a meal

The common comment we hear is how do you eat 10 fruit and veg a day? It’s impossible!!

Try this:

  1. Fruit in the morning for breakfast


  1. Salad of leaves, tomatoes, asparagus, avocado, mangetout for lunch


  1. Roasted sweet potatoes, carrot, parsnip and courgette with meat and fish or on its own as dinner


Not difficult is it?

Ideally, we recommend organic vegetables because they will be chemical free and grown in more nutrient rich soil. This means your vegetables contain more nutrients for you to enjoy

Eating vegetables raw also retains the most nutrients but steaming is a good method of cooking to retain flavour and nutrients.

Vegetables and fruit should be purchased regularly so that you can enjoy them at their freshest and most flavourful. Why not drop into our shop and see what we have in store!

Look out for the condition of any produce you buy making sure it looks crisp and fresh with no yellow faded leaves etc.

Wash everything before eating especially non organic produce so you remove traces of chemical fertilisers.







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