Top tips to fight colds and flu

10 November, 2017

The cold season seemed to strike early this year. Maybe the warm weather hasn’t killed off the bugs?

Whatever the cause we need solutions so we don’t feel ill and can get on with our lives

Regular readers will know the golden rules:

  1. Eat a healthy diet of organic fruit and vegetables. Organic food is always best because
    1. You get more nutrients to nourish your body
    2. Your body doesn’t have to detox as many chemicals
  2. Avoid processed food, sugar, junk food, alcohol and smoking
  3. Stay hydrated
  4. Eat herbs and spices they have so many beneficial actions (see our Indian Food blog for ideas)
  5. Exercise regularly
  6. Get outdoors
  7. Get good quality sleep
  8. Make relaxation part of your routine
  9. Reduce stress as much as you can
  10. Take some time just to be you

Sadly, even when we live “by the rules” we still get caught out with colds, flu and viruses

How to manage a cold / flu / virus

  1. This is a challenge for most people but so effective. If you feel something creeping up on you just STOP! Be a couch potato. I have stopped several colds in their tracks by having a duvet day as I felt it coming on

If you think about it your body needs its resources to fight the bacteria or virus. If you continue with your day you are splitting its resources

Our good friends at Vogel and Dr Jen Tan advocate this idea too. It isn’t just an excuse to be lazy, your body needs to rest so it can put its energy into fighting the cold

During this day take Aconite 30 at regular intervals, it can help stop a cold in its tracks

Most of you will protest saying that you can’t stop, you have too much to do / important meetings to attend / children to look after.

If that is the case, use the following tips to help you

  1. Vogel Echinacea is a great herbal remedy that fights colds and flu very well. It comes in several forms including tablets, sprays and tinctures. We sell a lot of these products and we know our customers are always right
  2. Beta Glucan products are also amazing at helping you through a cold. Many people choose to take a tablet a day as a maintenance programme.

If you do get caught then take a tablet when you feel ill, within an hour or two you will feel better, take the next one when you start to feel ill again. This is the regime I have practised for years. If I am unlucky enough to get flu then I take up to 6 tablets a day. I only need to do this for a couple of days

  1. My go to drink is a combination of lemon juice, honey, and eucalyptus and ginger oils in hot water. I mention this regularly so many of you will know it is not a great taste. I can only drink it when I feel ill. I know I am improving when I can’t drink it anymore. Go easy on the oils only use one or two drops of each. Use manuka honey as it has great immune supporting properties
  2. Coughs can be really annoying both physically and socially. You know the scene, the room is quiet and then you need to cough. The tickle just won’t go away, you try swallowing but no joy…

Alternatively, you get the chesty cough that can have you coughing in spasmodic bursts. These coughs can come with mucus too. It makes for an unhappy combination. Fear not! Our good friends at Vogel have a number of cough solutions to help you through your cold.

  1. If you have lots of mucus cut out the dairy products because they just increase your mucous production
  2. Extra supplements can really help during a cold. Choose
    1. Vitamin C which will help to kill bacteria and viruses
    2. Antioxidant formulas that give you a mix of nutrients to fight the toxins in your body
    3. Vitamin D not only boosts your feel good factor but is an important part of a healthy immune system
    4. Probiotics are useful particularly if you have to take a course of antibiotics
    5. Zinc does so much for our bodies but is particularly recognised for its support of the immune system

  1. Use oil burners or sprays around the house add drops of eucalyptus or peppermint. Both oils will help clear congestion and aid easier breathing.
  2. There are some great homeopathic remedies too
  • Gelsemium is for the dull, drowsy, and slow onset cold
  • Belladonna works brilliantly at bringing down a fever
  • Allium Cepa is a marvel for the dripping nose, streaming eyes type of cold
  • Drosera is a fabulous cough remedy. The cough is spasmodic dry and irritating
  • Spongia works well on the barking, dry and croupy cough
  • Eupatorium is the star of the show should you get the bone aching flu. You know the one where you feel your bones will break
  1. Make a list of the absolutely essential must do’s and stick to it. Either delegate or delay the rest

We hope you don’t have to use these tips but if you do let us know which ones you like best or tell us what you do to fight a cold.




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