Travel Sickness How to beat it naturally

15 June, 2017

We are all enjoying summer trips and getting out and about… Well most of us are. If you suffer from travel sickness this time of year can be a nightmare.

Yes, you want to get some Mediterranean sun but that means getting on a plane and that is terrifying…

You would love to learn to sail but the very thought of the ups and downs of the waves has you running for the bathroom...

Being in a car or train for an hour fills you with horror, you are trapped what if you want to be sick?

We can help...

We have compiled some general advice and some product suggestions to help you enjoy the summer wherever it may take you...

The useful tips:

  1. Have and drink plenty of water, everything feels worse if you re dehydrated.
  2. Have your own sick bags just in case
  3. A change of clothes might be worthwhile? Especially for children
  4. Eat a light meal don’t go for heavy rich foods before travelling. BUT do eat; retching on an empty stomach is not pleasant.
  5. Carry simple healthy foods to nibble on
  6. If you are travelling by train or car try to face in the direction of travel. This will upset your senses less
  7. Sit in the front of the car or drive if you can cope with that. Focussing on the horizon helps many people avoid sickness
  8. Mid position on planes and boats tends to be the more stable location, you will be subject to less turbulence or wave action there
  9. Get plenty of fresh air, keep windows open in cars and trains. Stay above deck on a boat
  10. Be positive use affirmation such as
    1. I am enjoying this journey
    2. I am happy
    3. I am well


How will you know its motion sickness?

  • You may be nauseous
  • A headache might appear
  • Your breath may become shallow and rapid
  • A sensation of dizziness may affect you
  • Perspiration my increase
  • You are sick


Remedies to help Travel Sickness

ARG NIT – this wonderful homeopathic remedy helps many a patient of mine get on a plane. It is a remedy relating to anticipation so even if you are not flying but worry about the travel or being sick beforehand it could be good for you.

I have patients who have a tablet when they start to think about travelling, the night before, the morning they go, leaving the house, arriving at the airport, getting on the plane, at take-off and landing. Everyone is different so use it according to your symptoms

GINGER and PEPPERMINT– classic travel sickness cures. You can buy sweets to suck, use essential oil on your wrists or tummy. Eat foods with ginger or mint in them or drink teas made from either herb.

VITAMIN B6 has been recognised to help with vomiting symptoms so use a B complex with extra B6

ACUPRESSURE can help too. You can either use a wristband that activates the pressure points on your wrists or you can do it yourself. Find the spot a couple of inches below your wrist crease in between the tendons and apply pressure there.

NB Homeopathic remedies should always be taken in accordance with your symptoms. Take one dose at a time and only repeat when the symptoms return.

COCCULUS – this is a common remedy for travel sickness. It is particularly appropriate for those who are worse for moving surrounding. They tend to improve if they can focus on the horizon. Symptoms include dizziness, nausea with a metallic taste and lots of saliva.

PETROLEUM – strangely, the patient will be worse for fresh air. They suffer headaches and nausea.

TABACUM – this patient is better for fresh air. Their nausea is accompanied by an icy cold sensation, possible dizziness and a cold sweat

If your children are suffering, try all of the above but make sure you can keep them distracted so have games to play or music for them to listen to. In the car, plane or train

  • play eye spy
  • count the number of cars of a certain colour
  • play word games with car registrations - get them to make a word starting with the first letter of the number plate and ending with the last letter

We hope you find these tips useful and have relaxing, nausea and vomit free travels! Enjoy the journey…







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