Update on Organic Eggs
06 March, 2015

Birds helping bees

Chippindale Foods Limited (CFL) and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BBCT) are partnering to help halt the decline of Britain’s bumblebees.   The partnership will develop bee-friendly habitats on Chippindale’s farms throughout Yorkshire and the north east of England.


In the last 100 years, bumblebee populations have severely declined, with two species becoming extinct in the UK.  Free range chicken farms provide an ideal opportunity for the creation of wildflower habitats that will support local populations of bumblebees and other wild pollinators.
Lucy Rothstein, CEO of Bumblebee Conservation Trust, comments: ‘I am delighted to be working with Chippindale on habitat creation on their free range farms.  This partnership certainly helps to further our vision for a future in which our communities and countryside are rich in bumblebees and colourful flowers, supporting a diversity of wildlife and habitats for everyone to enjoy.

‘This unique partnership will provide a host of benefits once the wildflower areas are established: bumblebees will have access to the pollen and nectar that they need from the wildflowers; farmers will notice more bumblebees and other wild pollinators which could increase yields of pollinated crops; hens will have access to more tasty invertebrate snacks; and communities will enjoy seeing these beautiful wildflower strips adding colour to their local countryside.

Nick Chippindale, Managing Director of Chippindale Foods, commented: ‘We have an ideal opportunity with our free range egg farmers to help increase bumblebee populations by planting large areas of wildflowers on the range.  We are really buzzing with excitement to be working with the BBCT and look forward to evolving our ‘Bee friendly Farms’ with the expert knowledge and passion of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust!

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