Vitamin D3 - the feel good vitamin
17 March, 2017


Are you enjoying the sunshine?  Have you noticed how the sunshine lifts people’s mood? Everyone is smiling and more relaxed. The winter has been a hard one and we are all craving our sunshine fix.

The sunshine has this effect on us because of the Vitamin D3 we synthesise. We are challenged in this country because we often don’t get enough sunlight. We have further exaggerated that by using sun creams that block out the sun that does shine!

Being British we are not great at eating the foods that would supply the vitamin through our diet, oily fish and eggs are particularly good sources of vitamin D3.

We have a great selection of D3 products to offer you. See our Vitamin pages and find the right product for you!

Your options are liquid, soft gel and chewable products for little ones and those that don’t like taking pills

There are Vegan products

The range of doses varies from 200 IU up to 5000 IU

This means you can find what you need here!

Remember there is free delivery on orders over £25.

Bulk buy discounts for orders of 10 or more products get a 10% discount

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