Winter Blues?

09 February, 2018

It is that time of year when it feels like winter is going on for ever. We are fed up with the cold and grey weather. We don’t feel like going out and many of us are rushing home to close the curtains and put on our PJ’s. Motivation, despite New Year resolutions, can be at an all-time low.

Stress is a key factor in producing these feelings. We hibernate eating comfort foods, not exercising and generally not enjoying life as much as we could.

For me, the dark and cold have a big impact. Just notice how much brighter and happier everyone is on a sunny day, we are craving spring and some sunlight.

Everything seems harder when we feel down; the challenges of life become huge mountains rather than molehills.

As ever we have a number of solutions for you:

Could you be serotonin deficient?

Consider this list of symptoms:

  1. Poor sleep
  2. Increased anxiety
  3. Comfort eating
  4. Digestive issues
  5. Feeling very low possibly depressed

Do any of these resonate with you? If so, you could be lacking serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical produced by the amino acid tryptophan. As with all processes in our body there are steps to create serotonin.

Tryptophan generates 5-HTP (5-Hydroxtryptophan) which then produces serotonin. This beneficial trio are vital to your body and can help you feel happier, calmer, less anxious and more able to concentrate.

Sources of Tryptophan

  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Turkey
  • Pork
  • Salmon

Fear not if you are vegan or vegetarian your food sources are:

  • Soy
  • Walnuts
  • Bananas
  • Sesame seeds
  • Quinoa

Modern family living means accommodating many different dietary requirements. If you are concerned that you don’t get enough tryptophan in your diet we have supplements to fill the gap.

Solgar 5-HTP is a complex offering you some very supportive and beneficial nutrients other than 5-HTP:

  • B6 and Magnesium both contribute to normal functioning of the nervous system as well as reducing tiredness and fatigue
  • Valerian is a herb most commonly used for insomnia and sleep disorders.

We are offering free samples of the Solgar 5-HTP, see details at the end of the blog!

Curb the sugar craving

A bonus to balancing your tryptophan levels can be support to control your appetite and therefore help you with weight management. This happens because serotonin releases the same calming effect we get from eating carbohydrates.

We can all identify with that “I just want some comfort I need to eat something … like a cake or packet of crisps” Good serotonin balance can put a stop to that for some people.

Feeling stressed out?

Sometimes you are just plain stressed out. Stressors include:

  • doing a job you don’t enjoy
  • having relationship or family problems
  • concerns about money
  • not having enough time
  • going through a divorce
  • losing a loved one
  • worrying about health
  • lifestyle changes
  • exercise – too much or too little
  • loneliness

Whatever the issue it is far easier to address from a calm standpoint. We can offer you a variety of solutions to help you feel calmer:

  • Magnesium and B complex supplements are an excellent partnership. We have successfully recommended this combination to many people.
    • We are often magnesium deficient because it is depleted from so many of our food sources. Magnesium is a great muscle relaxant and helps us to sleep much better.
    • B complex is the group of B vitamins which fulfil a multitude of functions particularly around our nerves and energy production.
  • Omega Oils are also very important in alleviating anxiety and next week we will cover these important oils in much more detail.
  • Viridian Saffron with Marigold supplement has many benefits. Today we focus on its ability to boost serotonin levels thus reducing anxiety and depression
  • We have an excellent range of sleep inducing and relaxing teas
  • Our essential oil range offers you a number of relaxing options such as lavender and chamomile. Of course, it is the oil you prefer that really works! To cheer myself up I will use germanium or grapefruit
  • Our flower essences offer a complete range of options dependent on your specific emotion. They are incredibly effective but if you want a non-specific relaxer choose Jan De Vries emergency essence.

In addition, we suggest you:

  • Take some time out to assess the situation
  • Practice mindfulness and live in the moment
  • Get advice from either friends or a therapist

Lack of sun getting to you?

We have written about vitamin D3 and its benefits for those of us who struggle with winter many times. Vitamin D3 is an important nutrient which acts as a co-hormone so not only does it lift your mood it helps balance your hormonal system.

Seasonal Affected Disorder is a condition that some people experience during winter. It is often mistaken for depression – the difference being it goes away in the spring

Please follow the links to blogs on vitamin D3 and SAD.


If you are not sleeping well the whole world can seem out of balance. Sleep deprivation can make us irrational, illogical and grumpy. It also affects our co-ordination, concentration and energy levels.

We wrote a blog on sleep last year.

In-Store Special Offer

To help you relieve your stress and regain your joie de vivre we have an offer for you!

When you buy any one of our stress related products as mentioned in the blog we will give you a free sample of Solgar 5-HTP. Come in soon, this is a limited offer available to the first 50 customers!




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