Sexual Health

01 June, 2017


We believe in whole person health so that goes beyond diet and food – which we know we bang on about every week. This week we thought we would change the record and talk about sex and libido.

Sex has many benefits it makes us feel good, it is great exercise, and helps us to feel attractive and confident.

Equally, when there are problems either with our health or our relationship then sex is probably the first thing to suffer.

Typically, women are considered to be the ones who reject their partner if there is a communication issue. We believe this is unfair it happens both ways.  Keep those lines of communication open and you can get back on track easily and quickly. Hold a grudge and before you know it is separate beds and maybe separate lives.

As ever stress and our busy lives play a big part in the lack of sexual fireworks for many people. We have so many demands on our time and energy that sex can be put bottom of the list. Getting enough sleep is great starting points see our blog on getting good sleep from last week.

Men and Women have different challenges when it comes to sex. A woman’s cyclical nature means her desire does too. Getting pregnant can make a woman feel unattractive, uncomfortable and worried about hurting the baby. Equally, she can bloom and be her vibrant and most sexual self while she is pregnant.

While a partner is pregnant a man can feel side-lined, all his partner talks about is her swollen ankles, her increasing size and whether the baby kicked or not. It is important that you both stay involved and connected to each other during and after the pregnancy. Keep up date night and DON’T talk about the baby while you are out.

Later years bring hormonal changes for both sexes. Vaginal dryness is a common problem for a more mature lady and erectile issues become more likely for more mature men. (MaleVit forte, Sea Buckthorn, Yes WB personal lubricant) Ladies we have some lovely coconut products, coconut butter can be very useful for vaginal dryness and for dry hair… I feel another blog coming on watch this space!!

Increasing age may also introduce flexibility issues, the aches and pains increase and your body just won’t do what it used to. Swinging from the chandeliers is just a memory now! (AgeLoss Joint support, Natures Aid Joint support plus, Joint complex Gel) 

These days you may still be working as well as a grandparent and parent. It would be easy to let your sex life fade away.

So what do we suggest to keep your libido healthy and strong?

  • Communicate with each other
  • Take time for each other – have a date night each week
  • Organise surprises and treats for each other
  • Who isn’t going to love coming home to a dessert of strawberries dipped in dark chocolate?
    • Eat oysters at a special restaurant, they are renown aphrodisiacs because of their zinc content
    • Don’t drink yourself under the table – it’s not sexy and you will most likely fall asleep before the action even gets started
    • Figs, bananas and avocadoes are all aphrodisiacs use your imagination to bring them into a meal

Sometimes there are medical reasons for a failing libido. This can include the impact of medication.

Gingko Biloba is used to counteract antidepressant induced sexual issues Sexovit by Health Aid gives you a product to promote energy and stamina through the use of ginseng and gingko biloba

Alternatively, lack of libido can be the signpost indicating an underlying issue.  Thyroid problems, heart issues and diabetes can all be indicated by a lack of sexual desire. Take notice if your partner loses interest it may just reflect health problems.

Depression, self-esteem and mental health issues can be highlighted by a lack of sexual interest. If a person is feeling sad, demoralised or mentally unwell the last thing they will want in many cases is to engage in personal and sexual contact. Most likely they would consider themselves unworthy or not attractive enough for such attention

So as you can see a healthy sex life is important to a well-balanced and healthy life. A loss of libido can be an important indicator that something is not right so get it checked out.  Then you can say YES! Tonight Josephine or Joseph!!!

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