A.Vogel Female Essence 30ml

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  • Combination of the flower essences of cherry plum, sweet chestnut, Clematis
  • Provides support during times of anxiety, alarm and distress
  • Useful in any crisis situation such as stress, bereavement, accident or fear
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Female Essence 30ml

Jan De Vries female essence is a remedy which helps a women at times when a she just feels that all is going beyond the limits and she needs real help.

This product which is a combination of flower essence helps a women to feel more powered, optimistic, make her more patient, grounded and make her feel like she is on top of everything.

This remedy helps women to tackle the situation like feeling of negativity, vulnerability, tension, tiredness, inability to cope with anger and also in problems like any issues related to relationship s, menopause etc which causes irritated behavior.

  • Can help you cope with anxieties, tension and exhaustion
  • Helps you regain control of your mood, calms and gives mental strength
  • Positive effects: relaxed, on top of things, patient, optimistic, grounded, cleansed, nurtured, improved vitality
  • Also ideal for balancing emotions around hormonal issues especially in connection with the menopause
  • Specially formulated flower essence is a unique blend, carefully selected with the advice of experienced practitioners from sun essences, to help meet the challenges of modern life

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