Organic Juice for Energy

Serves: 2

Time: 10 minutes

This week we thought about trying something different from our regular recipes. We are always researching the health benefits of the different products we sell and thought a fresh juice would be an ideal way to get the benefits of a group of fruit and vegetables to promote energy naturally. We are also thinking about introducing a daily juice for sale in the shop so this is a first foray into trialling different combinations and understanding their benefits.

Beetroot acts as a powerful antioxidant and is believed to help lower the chances of heart attack and stroke while celery is believed to help lower blood pressure. Turmeric is believed to be a natural anti-inflammatory compound, while ginger is great for settling the stomach.

Juice all of the individual elements and you will end up a splendidly invigorating juice for a natural energy boost.


  • 3 x apples
  • 1 x lemon
  • 1 x medium sized carrot
  • 1 x medium sized beetroot
  • 1 x piece of fresh ginger
  • 1 x piece fresh turmeric

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