Organic Watermelon and Avocado salad with Lime and Mint dressing

Serves: 3 - 4

Time: 15 minutes

We wanted something quick, light and refreshing for lunch last Sunday and after scanning the shelves in the shop it dawned upon us that this might be a perfect combination. The combination of the sweet melon with the bitter lime worked perfectly and was just the salad for a warm Sunday afternoon. It shouldn’t take longer than fifteen minutes to prepare. Add some toasted sourdough to make this a bit more filling.

We liked the simplicity of this salad but you might also add some mixed nuts, cucumber or seafood to make this even more substantial.

All ingredients are available from the store this week.


  • Firstly, thinly slice the red onion then squeeze the juice of two lemons over the onion with some salt and pepper to taste. This need to be left for ten minutes to allow the onions to soften and take away any sharpness.
  • Trim the watermelon into 1 – 2 cm cubes. The watermelon works really well a very light dusting of salt.
  • Do the same with the avocado but first halving then scoring both sideways and long ways then scoop out with a spoon.
  • Combine the watermelon and avocado in a bowl, add the mint leaves, pour over the lime mixture containing the red onion then very gently toss the salad. Serve immediately.



  • 1 x mini watermelon
  • 2 x avocado
  • 2 x limes
  • 1 x small red onion
  • Hand full of torn mint leaves
  • Salt & Pepper to taste

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